Vertical Slice Architecture

A different approach compared to a dominating architecture in our industry - Clean Architecture.

Fake It So You Can Make It

I use Bogus to demonstrate how fake factories can be used to easily create useful, random data, whether it be primitive types or complex objects, for use in testing and non-production data seeding.

Agile Myths

These myths, damaging to the Agile movement, are propagated out of negligence of what Agile is - either inadvertently, through laziness, or old-school skepticism - by all types of people at organizations.

From MVC to Blazor Server

A step-by-step guide to take your MVC project and spice it up with Blazor components - or even Blazor pages!

Clean Code - Part III: Comments

Identifying some examples of common patterns and anti-patterns with comments.

Clean Code - Part II: The Four Principles (of Art)

Drawing parallels from the four basic principles of art to bring order to the code we write.

Blazor Server - EF Core Quirks

By default, EF Core’s DbContext is scoped. This will cause issues with asynchronous components accessing data in Blazor Server.

Clean Code - Part I: What’s In A Name?

Offering some tips on how to name things so other people, including yourself at a later date, can understand it.

Test-Driven Development: The Video Game

Explaining Test-Driven Development through the lens of a video game.

GitHub readme + Dungeons & Dragons

Creating a personal GitHub readme that “plays” Dungeons & Dragons