From MVC to Blazor Server

A step-by-step guide to take your MVC project and spice it up with Blazor components - or even Blazor pages!

Blazor Server - EF Core Quirks

By default, EF Core’s DbContext is scoped. This will cause issues with asynchronous components accessing data in Blazor Server.

ADO.NET vs an ORM (Dapper & EF)

A case for an ORM compared to traditional ADO.NET and/or raw SQL scripts.

Fluent Validation

Learning, using, and extending the FluentValidation library.

A Tale of Legacy Code: I

A blast to the past with MVC5 and poorly maintained code

ASP.NET Core MVC && VSCode

Replacing Visual Studio with Visual Studio Code for ASP.NET Core MVC development

C# Specification Pattern

Learning, using, and extending the specification pattern in C#.